Dear Golda,

I really want to look good for my husband but i have 6 kids ranging from 8 to 0 and I want to wear makeup that will look pretty and subtle,that doesn’t take too much time to put on in the morning and that doesnt cost too much!

Overworked and Underpaid

Dear Overworked and Underpaid,

What i would recommend for you is to go the easy way. Go to your local pharmacy i.e. Boots or CVS and look at the makeup there. Sometimes their makeup is as good as the really expensive brands. I would go for a tinted moisturizer because you get some coverage, not heavy but it does the job, and you get moisturiser so it eliminates the need for moisturiser and they usually have an SPF in it. Then i would get one eyeshadow that compliments the color of your eyes e.g. purple for green eyes. and just do a wash, one solid color all over your eyelid up to your brow bone. Definitely eyeliner and mascara. However if you have small eyes I would just line the top lid and leave the bottom line out. Instead of blush in the summer try a light bronzer to your cheekbones which will highlight them and give you some color. then get a long stay lipstick like Lipfinity from MaxFactor or just a gloss that you can keep with you and reapply.

Voila an easy makeup look that everyone can do!

Hope this helps!!


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  • Even easier:

    What i find even easier is:
    1)blush/contour (does the world of good, pinks for summer day loving and browns for evening/dramatic)
    2)mascara which with a fine brush doubles as an eyeliner
    3)Lippy, matt and a natural colour are a must daytime

    and G is right, Boots does great cheap brands!

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