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This evening was hosted by Inglot in Westfield. James was there to promote The Makeup Show Europe and spoke very inspiringly about being a makeup artist and persevering. He gave tips on how to promote yourself and succeed in the makeup world. James did a demonstration and talked about different techiniques.

Here are a few pictures from the evening at Inglot.

Inglot Store Front
Inglot’s Store Front

James doing a demo!

James doing a demo!

The Makeup Show Europe Sat 17th and Sun 18th Sept

The Makeup Show Europe Sat 17th and Sun 18th Sept


James Vincent & Golda Adelman

James Vincent & Golda Adelman

Don’t forget to get your tickets to the Makeup Show Europe in Berlin Germany!! James will be there ready to inspire any makeup artist who is open and willing to be inspired!! Highly recommend listening and learning there is so much one can learn from such a great artist!!


A glamorous lady has her make-up done by a professional artist

A glamorous lady has her make-up done by a professional artist

Check it out!! Horray!!

So exciting!!

The Makeup Show is coming to this side of the Atlantic!!! YAY!! Who is planning on going?

Metropolitan Events and Productions is pleased to announce the 2011 dates for The Makeup Show EUROPE.

Berlin, Germany
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Recognized as the European city of style, Berlin is the next stop for The Makeup Show. To debut on September 2011, The Makeup Show Europe will be embracing the international beauty & fashion capital of Germany, Berlin, to deliver the largest PRO ONLY driven beauty event. Join us at The Makeup Show as the top international industry artists and pro-driven worldwide companies present the newest products, seminars, forums and hands-on workshops. Fill your two days with inspiration, education and community. Learn about the newest lines and product launches. Explore makeup workshops and discover school programs. Network with your peers. Develop new relationships with the companies that have a growing prominence throughout the professional beauty industry.

This show is a MUST for makeup artists! It is a pro oriented show where the workshops are given by the best in the industry! While I was living in NY I would go to the show there and listen in on the lectures (which sounds boring but were really informative and interesting!) and would gain so much from the artists who were talking. Dany Sanz from Make Up For Ever totally amazing, David Klasfeld from OCC another insipration, James Vincent just totally ingenious and of course my makeup teacher Orlando Santiago to name but a few of their educators.

Tickets can be bought at The Makeup Show website

Entrance fees to The Makeup Show include the exhibit floor, main floor seminars as well as Keynote and Business Forums. Show admission tickets can be purchased via an online reservation system or at the door of the event, based on availability. For an additional fee, The Makeup Show offers hands-on workshops; these workshops are offered on a first come, first serve basis sold in advance.

TICKET SALES ARE NOW OPEN. (Der Vorverkauf hat begonnen) CLICK HERE
You may purchase your show ticket until Wednesday, September 14th 2011 at 5PM EST. All tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable.

2011 The Makeup Show EUROPE Ticket Rates
Advance Ticket Prices: (Preise im Vorverkauf)
One Day / Tageskarte – € 25.00
Two Days / Zweitageskarte – € 40.00

Student Ticket Rates – 10 % discount
Advance Ticket Prices: (Preise im Vorverkauf)
Student One Day / Tageskarte – € 20.00
Student Two Days / Zweitageskarte – € 35.00

At Door Prices: (An Türpreisen)
One Day/ Tageskarte – € 40.00 + 19% VAT
Two Day/ Zweitageskarte – € 65.00 + 19% VAT

Student will receive 10% discount – Student wird 10 % Rabatt empfangen.

Group Tickets
Group Rate available for groups of 15 or more. For more information email

Looking forward to seeing you there!!


The past 10 days have been fraught with Makeup, Hair and nails. Between 5:30 pm to 7 and then 7:30 to 9 around 150 very sexy and stylish women have made their way into the Jacques Townhouse beauty parlour. Makeup was provided to us by ModelsOwn brand and we have had a great time using it. Among everything going on which included a wardrobe of wonders with many different style dresses to try on and model for a Fashion shoot with your friends there were cupcake decorating sessions and hairband making sessions. There were also trend talks given by people who are the best in their field. Wednesday 20th July saw Glamour Magazine providing extra special nail artists.
Tuesday 26th July brought Look Magazing and Gara Rufa fish Pedicures. A little on those… there is a tank with a whole bunch of fish in it and you put your feet in the water, which is constantly being filtered and your feet are sprayed with disinfectant before you put them in the water, and the fish eat all the dead skin off your feet. Ok so it does sound realy gross and scary! and isnt that the reason why people dont wanna go in the sea? who wants to be eaten by fish? Its a very interesting feeling when they first start munching – NO it doesnt hurt :) it tickles immensely and it feels wierd. After a while you do get used to it and can relax.
On the second to last night of the Townhouse I found crackle nail polish! So having seen it advertised I just had to try it. Using a hot pink as a base I put the black one on and while it dries you can watch it crackle away! Really interesting so i looked it up to see how it works and here it is: Crackle nail polishes work the way a traditional nail polish isn’t supposed to. A traditional nail polish is supposed to dry slowly and uniformly across the nail in a smooth, even application. Crackle nail polishes have added a special solvent called ethanol alcohol that allows the polish to dry quickly and unevenly. There it is really interesting and fun. Go ahead and try it its fun to watch. The Models Own brand is cheap and cheerful and they have great colors!

And of course the Most important part of the Townhouse was to promote their cider called Jaques which is a fruity cider and there are 2 to choose from one is an apple pear one and the other is cherries and summer berries. Note: they are not suitable for vegetarians and are not Kosher.

Here are a few pictures that I took.

Jacques Townhouse front

Wardrobe of wonders and Photo Studio

Beauty Parlour

Golda's Station


wishing everyone who follows my blog a great day!!

MAC Surf The Ocean Crushed Metallic Pigments

What MAC says about them: A style-wave of four limited edition shades of crushed metallic pigment individually presented in a see-through stack. Cool as water, blue and aqua-green shades shimmer amidst bronze, silver, and platinum frost. Limited edition.

What I say about them: I have been craving these Pigments for a while and went to the Covent Gardens MAC store and they were sold out :( so i went to Westfield this morning yup on a Friday morning and went for a visit to MAC. Thank goodness they were not sold out! I got them!! so i have been playing around with them this afternoon and to my happiness the color payoff is gorgeous! really really love them!

Because I was at Westfield I couldn’t help but stop in to Inglot cosmetics another brand everyone should buy. And got a few eyeshadows there. The brightness of their colors and the range of colors is absolutely amazing! So as makeup days goes it was a great one :)

One more thing! Clinique in House of Fraser has a giveaway today!! either in the one in Westfield or on Oxford st. Go to the counter and “check in” on your BlackBerry through places and show it to the Beauty Advisor there and get a free Airbrush Undereye Concealer!! I did it go for it!!


Its where i grew up and got into football (soccer). Thanks Ta for all the Sat night Match of the Day and all the other football matches we watched together!!
a Friday6112010 008

It was a 1 all draw against the USA but it was fun watching it with friends at Abi’s house!!

Well i have had one of the worst evenings of my life!!!

It started well with me washing all my brushes coz I had a makeup job this evening. I cleaned my airbrushing machine and tidied my case up and put everything that was in my handbag into the makeup case all the lipglosses that were floating around the house and all over my bags.
My hubby came to pick me up because we were going to visit my grandparents in Manhattan. We put the suitcase in the back of the car and we were off. had a great dinner with the grandparents and my daughter was acting all cute which was perfect. We drove home and i didnt end up needing my makeup just yet coz my friend was running late so we went home first. Got out of the car and i ask my hubby where is my makeup case? he looked and it wasnt there. wioth heavy hearts we took my daughter inside to put her to sleep and while my hubby did that i went back out to look through the car (not a huge car) still not there. OMG basically all my makeup that i have bought throughout this past year lets say it totals near $3000 has been stolen. I am totally dying and stressing out. I dunno what to do? All i have now is one lip gloss and one bronzer. I bought over $100 of makeup last week! I am so stressed! I cant do my makeup for work tomorrow!! What am I going to do?

Help Help Help

My husband was so great he went back to look for it and filed a police report for me!!

Purple lab at the W 014 2Last night there was a Purple Lab cosmetics FW party in the W Hotel Hoboken, NJ.

I went as their makeup artist as we would be doing free makeovers!! Now what could be wrong with makeovers right? NOTHING!!! We had such a good time last night. Their products are totally amazing and fun. They are not cakey or heavy. They are light-weight and fresh. The looks that you get from their products is fresh and perfect for the new season coming up – Spring!! One of our makeover-ees, Michael – yes a guy couldn’t get enough of the foundation Silk Sheets, Which is infused with real silk and it smells great. He couldnt get over how it smelled and wanted to pay for one right then and there, as we weren’t selling we told him to come to the party that Purple Lab is having in honor of their HSN debut so hopefully he will be there tonight!!

Party on people and i hope you enjoy the purple lab cosmetics as much as i did!!