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Last night i was watching this music video on MTV and its a very disturbing video. As a Jew it really fell close to home. It was Rhianna telling someone to kill her and 3 Russians looking like Nazi’s and at one point there was gas going into the chamber she was in it was colorful and all that but still i didn’t like the connotation it was very offensive and in bad taste.

Just had to get that off my chest!!!

Yesterday I was watching MTV and Alicia Key came on with her Superwoman video. Well im going to talk about her makeup a bit and criticize. Her foundation was great, her blush was great, but her eyes oh man not so good! They were all cakey and the fall down on her lashes was not cleaned up.

How does one remedy the dustiness from the eyeshadow on the top of the eyelashes?

Well you need to brush mascara on the tops of your lashes as well as the underside. Most makeup artist know this as a basic tip. Another cool tip on how to get eyeliner on the top lid waterline is to line your bottom waterline (the inside of your lashes at the bottom) and squeeze your eyes shut, beautiful results!