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I haven’t been posting recently because we have FINALLY moved into our new home and are just re-doing part of the house. It has been really hectic and stressful now we are settling in pretty well and just happy to have our own place!!


5 Things to do with your thermal spring water

Eau Thermale Avene Vichy thermal Spring waterlarocheposaythermalspringwater

1. Refresh and Rehydrate your skin on a plane!

2. Set your makeup.

3. Clean open wounds.

4. As a toner after you wash and before you moisturize your skin. (make sure to pat off with a tissue after 5 seconds)

5. If you have irritation/redness/bite it will sooth it.

Where do you stand? on the side of keeping the horns? or on the side of baning them?

Personally I would get rid of them. I understand that they are an African tradition but as people have been saying and I agree with them is that they ruin the mood of the game and they are really annoying! It sounds like a million bees in your head and if that is how it sounds from the TV in the USA can you imagine if you were there trying to enjoy the game. So I am definitely on the side of removing them. The whole fun of the football game is to hear the chanting and singing.

Yes Ladies and Gents it was here and it was as great as ever (if not better) The Makeup Show 2010!!

Lucky for me I went both days it was awesome!! Got some great deals and great products to fill my kit again as i started from scratch again. This time i got Temptu Airbrush foundations and we will see how i like them when i use them on other people. They look great on me but i wanna see how well they work on other people.

HaloI have one regret and that is that i didnt get the great deal of the Halo foundation by Smashbox!! I wish i would have! i feel like such an idiot for not doing it and doing it in every color! Tha Smashbox Halo foundation is the most amazing product and it does the greatest foundation for my face! It has amazing coverage and fills in any lines that one has (not that i have any.) I actually tried this on my mother who is not 45 ( i <3 you mom) and it filled her lines in amazingly and she looked flawless. It was on sale at 50% off and now im kicking myself! But i have their 30% pro discount so.... i can get it whenever.

I was very surprised that Loreal was there. Their HIP (high intensity pigment) line and the pro line was there and as we all know you cant test the mass brands out in the drug stores so they had all the testers there and you could actually try all the colors out and was really pleasantly surprised on how good they were. So I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for good products you can buy any time of the day!!

The line for Makeup Forever was around the block as usual ;) they are admittedly one of the best Pro makeup producers ever!!

I found a new brand that i really like and which the eyeshadows are really nicely blendable. The brand is called Senna Cosmetics. im so glad i found them!! Bought a great pallet from them 16 eyeshadows, 6 blushes and a setting powder and a bronzer all for $50 which you can get better right?

Dex mineral makeup was a shocker to me – i was walking past and this blue color called Harlem nights just popped out at me and i was like i gotta have this!! the color is to intense its herd to believe! I was so excited to find such an amazing blue!!

The other usuals were there like Crown Brush, Mehron, kryolan, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Stila, Model in a Bottle to name but a few. Pics will be put up soon!!!

Have you been keeping to your new years resolution?
My new years resolution was to loose weight, i joined the gym and am watching what i am eating It is def annoying especially because i love the sweets and junk. But I’m really working hard and I’m waking up every morning and going to the gym with my friend and killing myself. All at the same time as looking after my gorgeous little girl. She hasn’t been so well over the past week but thank goodness she is better now.

Over the next few weeks I have quite a few wedding jobs coming up and I’m taking a course in Hollywood Celebrity Glamour Makeup. I am really looking forward to that and will definitely tell you all about it! and share a couple of tips about that!

Keep feeling beautiful ladies!!

flag-south-africaIn less than a month we will be going away to South Africa!! So very excited!!!

wedding 007 smaller Yesterday dawned bright and sunny. I was in a great mood. I was ready to have a full day of doing makeup and making money! That is exactly what happened! I was standing all day and bending over to do peoples faces but i cane out with sore feet but a great satisfaction knowing i made people feel good about themselves and i had created some beautiful looks!! the theme of the wedding was teal/turquoise so i had a great time using my turquoise and silver eyeshadow.
Make Up For Ever’s eyeshadows are very pigmented and they glide on the eye easily and they look absolutely beautiful. I need to get more refills to put in my palate.

Good morning my beautiful readers just a reminder in this cold weather to dress warm and keep toasty!!

“A person is only beautiful, when their own beauty, is reflecting on to others.” ~ Tara Grady