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Its where i grew up and got into football (soccer). Thanks Ta for all the Sat night Match of the Day and all the other football matches we watched together!!
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It was a 1 all draw against the USA but it was fun watching it with friends at Abi’s house!!

Hey all
I’m back and rejuvenated for a healthy new year! i just started the BBG (body by Glamour) diet and im really excited! hopefully i will get really skinny and look like i used to before i had my gorgeous little daughter. Hopefully eating all these fruits and veggies will do me well. We havent been eating a lot of those and we really need them. LOL.

So the makeup thing is back on im really excited about it. A new year and a new time to get better and work more! Looking forward to working with you and keep warm and snuggly in this freezing cold weather.

xxx G xxx