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In Novermber I did a one day video shoot at my parents house. The videos are tutorials on different aspects of makeup. If you go to all my videos will come up and you can check them out!! awesome stuff!! Would love some feedback!!



I haven’t been posting recently because we have FINALLY moved into our new home and are just re-doing part of the house. It has been really hectic and stressful now we are settling in pretty well and just happy to have our own place!!


it tickles immensely and it feels wierd. After a while you do get used to it and can relax.
On the second to last night of the Townhouse I found crackle nail polish! So having seen it advertised I just had to try it. Using a hot pink as a base I put the black one on and while it dries you can watch it crackle away! Really interesting so i looked it up to see how it works and here it is: Crackle nail polishes work the way a traditional nail polish isn’t supposed to. A traditional nail polish is supposed to dry slowly and uniformly across the nail in a smooth, even application. Crackle nail polishes have added a special solvent called ethanol alcohol that allows the polish to dry quickly and unevenly. There it is really interesting and fun. Go ahead and try it its fun to watch. The Models Own brand is cheap and cheerful and they have great colors!

And of course the Most important part of the Townhouse was to promote their cider called Jaques which is a fruity cider and there are 2 to choose from one is an apple pear one and the other is cherries and summer berries. Note: they are not suitable for vegetarians and are not Kosher.

Here are a few pictures that I took.

Jacques Townhouse front

Wardrobe of wonders and Photo Studio

Beauty Parlour

Golda's Station

This look i came up with coz i am working at the Jacques Townhouse at their beauty parlour and i did something similar to this and I loved it so i tried it with better products at home and here is the outcome.

The purple that I used is the Make Up For Ever’s very poplar color #92 and the 2 Golds that I used are OCC’s Loose colors in Twirl and Dope.

Gold and Purple

Purple and Gold

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Here are 2 products that I am in love with. I can guarantee that they work! How? Because I have used them!

La Roche Posay’s Effaclar AI is a targeted intensive spot treatment that you put on your spot/blemish/pimple/zit (whatever you prefer to call it) and rub it in, that is a big part because people for the most part think that you just put it on the spot and dont rub it in and it will do the work NO IT WON’T! When I first started using it that’s what i did and it didn’t work then i spoke to the brand rep Tania and she told me you must rub it in! so I did and now it works wonders! Use it 3 times a day and by the end of the day your imperfection :) will be gone. Try it you won’t be disappointed. Oh yeah one more point – it doesnt dry out your skin!

Vichy’s Normaderm Night is a highly potent moisturiser for people with acne it is an Intensive anti-acne night care with Pore-Targeting Technology and Zincadone A™ to help minimize and tighten pores, refine skin texture night after night. I remember being in training about a year ago on this product and i really wanted it! I just bought it because I had been breaking out due to stress and i really needed something to help keep my skin clear so I went out and bought it! People with oily or acne prone skin dont like oily feeling moisturizers so this one isnt it had a non-greasy, ultra-absorbent hydrating texture. It is also non comedogenic – it doesnt clog your pores.

Hope this helps all those who have oily – acne prone skin!


wishing everyone who follows my blog a great day!!