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The past 10 days have been fraught with Makeup, Hair and nails. Between 5:30 pm to 7 and then 7:30 to 9 around 150 very sexy and stylish women have made their way into the Jacques Townhouse beauty parlour. Makeup was provided to us by ModelsOwn brand and we have had a great time using it. Among everything going on which included a wardrobe of wonders with many different style dresses to try on and model for a Fashion shoot with your friends there were cupcake decorating sessions and hairband making sessions. There were also trend talks given by people who are the best in their field. Wednesday 20th July saw Glamour Magazine providing extra special nail artists.
Tuesday 26th July brought Look Magazing and Gara Rufa fish Pedicures. A little on those… there is a tank with a whole bunch of fish in it and you put your feet in the water, which is constantly being filtered and your feet are sprayed with disinfectant before you put them in the water, and the fish eat all the dead skin off your feet. Ok so it does sound realy gross and scary! and isnt that the reason why people dont wanna go in the sea? who wants to be eaten by fish? Its a very interesting feeling when they first start munching – NO it doesnt hurt :) it tickles immensely and it feels wierd. After a while you do get used to it and can relax.
On the second to last night of the Townhouse I found crackle nail polish! So having seen it advertised I just had to try it. Using a hot pink as a base I put the black one on and while it dries you can watch it crackle away! Really interesting so i looked it up to see how it works and here it is: Crackle nail polishes work the way a traditional nail polish isn’t supposed to. A traditional nail polish is supposed to dry slowly and uniformly across the nail in a smooth, even application. Crackle nail polishes have added a special solvent called ethanol alcohol that allows the polish to dry quickly and unevenly. There it is really interesting and fun. Go ahead and try it its fun to watch. The Models Own brand is cheap and cheerful and they have great colors!

And of course the Most important part of the Townhouse was to promote their cider called Jaques which is a fruity cider and there are 2 to choose from one is an apple pear one and the other is cherries and summer berries. Note: they are not suitable for vegetarians and are not Kosher.

Here are a few pictures that I took.

Jacques Townhouse front

Wardrobe of wonders and Photo Studio

Beauty Parlour

Golda's Station

This look i came up with coz i am working at the Jacques Townhouse at their beauty parlour and i did something similar to this and I loved it so i tried it with better products at home and here is the outcome.

The purple that I used is the Make Up For Ever’s very poplar color #92 and the 2 Golds that I used are OCC’s Loose colors in Twirl and Dope.

Gold and Purple

Purple and Gold