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Channing Tatum gives Ellen a Lap Dance
Where was I when he was a Stripper!! I would totally have gone to check him out!! He is a hottie!!
He has starred in some great movies and he is ripped in them all so…..

Ellen in jealous!

Just a little candy for thought!!

Last night I went to a shoot in the Bronx With It was in a basement and was all very dark and mysterious. The theme of the shoot was goth sexy! I wasnt sure how the shoot would be. One of the models didnt turn up but the other model was Sarah Hartshorne from ANTM!! which was great! She is a really sweet girl and we had a great time together.

The make up was fierce!! Black and Red which was a lot of fun to do. I helped accessorize sarah and we had a lot of fun working together!!

Pics coming soon!!!