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Where do you stand? on the side of keeping the horns? or on the side of baning them?

Personally I would get rid of them. I understand that they are an African tradition but as people have been saying and I agree with them is that they ruin the mood of the game and they are really annoying! It sounds like a million bees in your head and if that is how it sounds from the TV in the USA can you imagine if you were there trying to enjoy the game. So I am definitely on the side of removing them. The whole fun of the football game is to hear the chanting and singing.

Its where i grew up and got into football (soccer). Thanks Ta for all the Sat night Match of the Day and all the other football matches we watched together!!
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It was a 1 all draw against the USA but it was fun watching it with friends at Abi’s house!!

My first Look of the world cup 2010 is for South Africa my birth place. check it out and tell me what you think.
It was a very quick and rough idea so it hasnt been perfected but here it is!
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