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Yay so exciting!!! I have decided to try my hand at youtube makeup tutorials!
I have been working hard at making my first one which is going to be a simple easy tutorial. I am still getting the hang of doing it so its gonna take time until the actual tutorials are perfect which is ultimately what I want and im sure you want.
I need to figure out which camera will work but for the moment I am using the webcam on my lap top. i guess there will be many different ways to video but i will start with this!
When my first one comes out i would really love some feedback on what u thought of it and Im looking forward to posting it!

Wish me luck


Last night i was watching this music video on MTV and its a very disturbing video. As a Jew it really fell close to home. It was Rhianna telling someone to kill her and 3 Russians looking like Nazi’s and at one point there was gas going into the chamber she was in it was colorful and all that but still i didn’t like the connotation it was very offensive and in bad taste.

Just had to get that off my chest!!!